Good landscaping design can make a property stand out and look even more beautiful if it isn’t already. And, it can also increase the resale value of your property. As a rule, the landscape of your house or property should match the type of topography you have. A typical grass might not survive in a desert area. It should also match the type of structure you have. Wherever part or region you live, whether you live on a beachside or in a ranch, there’s always a design that will suit you. Here are some design ideas to inspire you.

Lanscaping Design

1. Country Style

Flowers should be the star for this type of landscaping design. Have them planted in rows. Add a picket fence for that country touch. Have at least one large tree that gives good shading. Two or even at least one patches of tall grasses will make it even more country beautiful.

2. Desert Design

When it comes to a desert type of landscaping, it doesn’t have to be all cacti. You can definitely add it along with other kinds of plants. Add in stones, rocks, or concrete to make it more multi-dimensional. The desert is composed of earth and neutral tones. But you can always add colors by including flowering plants and succulents for that pop-of-color.

3. Modern Design

There is a myriad of contemporary and modern landscaping styles. But what’s common among them is the simplicity and cleanliness especially when it comes to edges. Walkways should be free from clutter. Use colored gravels to add hue to the design, or mini palm trees in big pots for a statement. Add small and narrow trees or shrubs and arrange them in a way they will look proportional. Flowering plants must be placed in containers or beds in order to maintain the clean edges.

4. Sustainable Design

Sustainable landscape design is having plants that can profit from each other and benefit you as well. Associate planting will prevent pests from infesting your plants and will help pollination. Cyclic vegetables and seasonal flowers will give you a fresh new look every time.

5. Low Maintenance Type

As the name suggests, this type of landscaping should be low in maintenance. This means less is more. There should be fewer leaves to rake on the ground, less branches to prune, and less grass to cut. Choose trees or shrubs that won’t shed. But it doesn’t mean that your landscape should be bare or too simple. A simple addition of stone paths, a pergola, or bricks can make it look amazing but still low maintenance.

Tropical Style

If you live in a region where warmer weather is superior, then consider yourself lucky. You have the most option in choosing a landscaping style. And if you live near the coast, you can make your landscape design into a mini island, with or no surrounding waters.

If you aren’t sure what you want, a professional can always help you. Contact landscaping Richmond VA to learn more.